Poking the bear again
with just the right pointed stick.
To go to hyperspace—
and to see into the next few dimensions.

Poke, Poke, Poke!

I feel tingling in every atom of my being
which, while fully outlining and highlighting
every neuron and fiber of sense in the physical body
then— extending beyond the tiny physical manifestation I live in
then— my conscious moves beyond this little piece:
Into occupancy— into the mind of the cosmos, the body of the universe.
My face is every face, your face, my face—
My body is every body, your body, my body—
This I is the instrument of goddess
That you is the instrument of god

Everything is everything, do you understand?
Allow to be, of course! — do not judge or define, of course not!
No forget.

Expectation brings sorrow, do not be sad my love.
See the beauty, and you will worry not. The complete
complement will be there, whether it is
seen or unseen.

I see all shapes become smooth and flexible, and running off into 8 dimensions
I see every single color as a shimmering spectrum of all component colors in each color.

Please universe, tell me what to manifest. I am your instrument.
Really? Just be?
Everything is everything, that is all that needs to be said.
Being is the only necessary action.

End transmission.

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