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submind deconstruction:
sub = below or beneath
mind = to be aware, to be conscious is a place to examine and contemplate states of being, what it means to live, and the very nature of consciousness. Its limits are only the confines of expression thru written language.

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A Statement of Trans-Inclusive Feminism and Womanism

Whether we are cis, trans*, binary-identified, or genderqueer, we will not let feminist or womanist discourse regress or stagnate; we will push forward in our understandings of gender, sex, and sexuality across disciplines. While we respect the great achievements and hard battles fought by activists in the 1960s and 1970s, we know that those activists are not infallible and that progress cannot stop with them if we hope to remain intellectually honest, moral, and politically effective.

Buddhist Sutras & Chants

Reposted from SUTRAS & CHANTS. THE HEART OF THE PERFECTION OF GREAT WISDOM SUTRA    Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, doing deep prajna paramita, Clearly saw emptiness of all the five conditions, Thus completely relieving misfortune and pain. O Shariputra, form is no other...

Heart Strengthening Prayer

Heart Strengthening Prayer

Heart Strengthening Sutra My Heart is Stronger Than Ten Thousand Elephants and Burns Brighter than A Billion Suns Created to be a screen wallpaper in order to promote healing your heart. This is a photo of a father with child and the heart strengthening and healing...

Albert Einstein’s 25 Life Lessons

To excel at one thing, it helps to be good at many things. Thanks to The Unbounded Spirit 1. Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death. 2. Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized. 3. Never do anything against...

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English Gender Neutral Pronouns

The use of gender neutral pronouns in common English parlance is a practice which I strongly urge. There are many times when the imposition of gender on to second personal pronouns causes much harm. I certainly have been the subject of much psychological pain due to the existence in English of gendered pronouns. English is a special language among European tongues in that most of the language in not gendered.

My personal preference is to return to using e as a second person pronoun in English, which was common before the development of she and complementary he.

Gender neutral second person personal pronoun style guide:

  • He or She becomes E
  • His or Hers becomes Er
  • Him or Her becomes Em

As you may notice, these forms are derived by removing the ‘th’ from they, their, and them. This emphasizes English speakers preference for the e sound over alternates like ze/zie/sie/hir/hy, and is shorter and simpler than others’ alternates. Some have suggested ‘yo‘ as modern American English alternative. Typically used as a first person familiar address, use of ‘yo‘ as a second person pronoun can cause confusion. I do note that it can be difficult to insert new terms into a living language. One may wish to use they/them as an alternate solution.

Since it is difficult to add new usages of words to living languages, the singular they has become popular. This is also a traditional use, which fell out of fashion but has returned as an effective of using a first person singular pronoun without a determinate gender.

Please use gender neutral second person personal pronouns when speaking and writing in English. Many people will benefit from this development.

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