I am the one that I want

I discovered a new tool, a new trick
Taking my wanting and desire
to have a lover, to hold another in my arms,
and turning my love back on myself.

While that may seem rather self centered,
for someone like my self that
for many years hated myself
and most other people,
it is the greatest gift: me.

For if I love myself I am happy.
If I love myself I can care for myself
without needing to have others care for me
to survive.

As I love myself it makes making the
good and right decisions so much easier.
Though I have never favored the works
of Ayn Rand, I now have a glimpse
of how loving ones self can also be
a gift to all the world.

Life is a tightrope walk, where
one is always working to stay in balance.
Being in love is a tightrope walk with a partner,
and if one loses balance, the other will
also fall down to a hard impact.

I have been off balance for too long.
caught in the shadows of pain
and self importance. Unless self importance
is used to be constructive, its enormous force
can quickly eat away at the psyche, and
create a dungeon of despair in your mind.

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