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Broadcast Your Work with the Submind Organization We are actively seeking other creative souls to contribute to the body of work published at We welcome contributions of your insights, dreams and memories. Submind only asks for you to provide us with the...
Slippery Identity

Slippery Identity

Knowing one’s self is not always easy or obvious. Identity is a very slippery thing. It can often feel like clothing that one can put on and take off like a hat, and yet in life there are parts of one’s identity that are deeply rooted in our spirits, as...

Living life is like driving a Land Cruiser through the world with no forward facing windows. We can only see to the side or to the rear. What is in front of us is completely unclear.

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Bareable Beauty

I sit on the patio and smoke another bowl whilst drying my long damp hair I notice the first lines of white amid the waves of honey and caramel. Every few minutes bird chitter and chatter is burst by buzz and roar of jets and turboprops approaching the end of the...
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